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Getting to the LAL

The LAL is located on the Orsay campus of the Paris-Sud 11 University, approximately 25 km south-west of Paris. The easiest way to reach the lab from Paris is to take the RER B line and to get off at the Orsay-Ville station. This trip takes about 35 minutes from the center of Paris; add about 15 minutes to walk between the station and the lab main building.

Orsay-Ville is on the southbound line of the RER B. Trains terminus Orsay and Saint-Remy stop at this station. In any case, it is recommended to check the service of Orsay-Ville by looking at the RATP signboards. Coming from Paris, the Orsay-Ville exit is at the rear of the train. Then take the walkway under the tracks and follow the map showing the walking path to the lab (photo).

The LAL main building (reception, auditorium, cafeteria, management) is building 200. Other LAL buildings (208, 209, etc.) are located nearby.

Information about accomodation (including a list of hotels close to the LAL) are available here.

To access internet at LAL, connect to the wireless network "LALpublic". Then, open your browser to reach the wireless LAL portal. Request your login and password using a valid e-mail address. This will give you a temporary (few minutes long) internet access so that you can get this information in your mailbox. Then, login to the system after having accepted the LAL computing policy. You should now have internet access! Your credentials will be valid for a week and you can renew them once this period is over.
The "Eduroam" network is also available at LAL, for the time being (May 2014) only in the public area of building 200: the P. Lehmann auditorium, the "blue" meeting room and the cafeteria.

How to come to the LAL

- From the Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport: take the RER B and get off at the Orsay-Ville station. All trains stop at all Paris stations and some trains are direct between the airport and Paris. Beyond Paris, each train follows its own route: not all trains serve Orsay-Ville. Please have a look above <> for more information.

- From the Orly airport: Take the Orlyval automatic train to its terminus, the Antony station (caution: the Orlyval + RER B combined ticket must be bought before getting in the Orlyval; it will be stamped in Antony), then the RER B southbound (direction opposite to Paris) until the Orsay-Ville station. All the trains which stop at Antony go to the right direction: if the next train shows Massy as end-of-the-line you can either wait for a train heading towards Orsay or Saint Remy, or take this train until the Massy Palaiseau station (terminus) and then wait for a train stopping at Orsay-Ville.

- From the Gare de Lyon Paris train station: take the RER A to Châtelet les Halles (one station); alternative transportations are the metro lines 1 and 14. Change train at Châtelet and take the RER B line southbound to the Orsay-Ville station – see above <> for more information on the Paris-Orsay trip via the RER B train.

- From the Massy TGV train station: exit the station and walk a short distance to the Massy Palaiseau RER B station; then take the RER B train line southbound (opposite to Paris) until the Orsay-Ville station.

- From Paris by car : Take the A6/A10 freeway from “Porte d’Orléans” or the N118 way from “Pont de Sèvres”

If you have a GPS, key in the following address “200 Voie de la Faculté – 91440 Bures-sur-Yvette, France” or the GPS coordinates “latitude: 48.699 North, longitude: 2.171 East”.