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Mechanical Engineering

The skills and the mechanical means of the laboratory are grouped together within the SDTM (Service of Developments and Mechanical Technologies).

The service fulfils, in the field of the mechanics, the needs of the groups of physics of the laboratory. It carries out the studies (conception, calculations and design), the mechanical engineering (technical specifications and follow-up of the industrial achievements), the in-house manufacturing of mechanical assemblies and prototypes, the controls measures and tests, the on-site assembly and maintenance if necessary.

At the present time the service is composed of four sections that bring together the various agents according to their skills.

These various sections are reservoirs of resources and skills which act during the various phases of projects in wich the laboratory has a responsibility. According to the nature of the project, a technical responsible engineer project is identified within the SDTM to support all mechanical aspects of this project and ensure the animation within the service of this project team.