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The laboratory constituted since 1989 a unit of formation and research of IN2P3. Its statute evolves since it becomes a mixed unity of research /University Paris-Sud, which contributes to reinforce the links between the laboratory and the university. The LAL will thus make soon integral part of the « UFR Scientifique » of Orsay, which one will find some information below.

The laboratory includes, at the beginning of the 2011 year, three professors and twelve university lecturers. This component of the LAL staff is still very weak, numerically compared with the other IN2P3 laboratories. This situation leads the Management of the laboratory to increase the number of teacher-researchers.

The eleven teachers of the LAL ensure lessons in the three cycles of the university. Some assume particular responsibilities : vice-president of the 29e section, person in charge of Magistère of Physics of Orsay, chair commission of the means of research, co-ordinating Socrates-Erasmus, delegated to the theses ...